Thursday, September 03, 2009

First Day of School

The first day of school this year was very new. This was the first year Alexandra and Isabel went to public school and they were very very excited to ride the school bus and be in the same school as all of their neighborhood friends.

Alexandra's first day was a success!

Alexandra: Wyatt from my old school is in my class.
Me: Thinking to myself, wow their new school 20 mins away from their old school. What are the chances but that's great!
Alexandra: Yeah, but the funny thing is, he doesn't remember me. ( Just a side note - their were only about 11 kids in her classroom last year)
Me: Really?
Alexandra: Yeah! He doesn't even remember any of the other kids or the school.
Me: Thinking this can't be the same kid.
Alexandra: Oh, and mom, he even changed his name to Tyler.
Me: Laughing hysterically trying not to make Alexandra feel bad.
Alexandra: Looks at me strangely.
Me: I don't think it's the same kid.
Alexandra: Yeah it's him. It looks just like him. He has blonde hair and blue eyes!

Alexandra is still sticking with her story! She really thinks he is suffering from a mental illness!!
I can only imagine what he thinks of her!
Isabel's first day, which was the following day, did not go over so smoothly.

Isabel: I get to ride on the bus! I get to ride on the bus! I get to ride on the bus! (This goes on for about 1 hr and the whole walk to the stop.
Me: Seeing the bus stop up the street and leaving.... OOOH NOOO!!!! Ummm... Isabel, I think we missed the bus!
Isabel: Whahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I didn't get to ride the bus... I wanted to ride the bus! Whahhhhhhhhh! (This really was an understatement of her reaction)
To make matters worse, a parents comes walking down from the stop and says, " Uhh, I think you guys missed the bus!

What a beginning!

Isabel came home and told us she had a restroom in her classroom.
Isabel: The potty was too small so I stood up and peed.
Me: Thinking.. oh my gosh, I feel so bad for the next kid who had to use the potty!
Another funny:

Isabel: I shouldn't wear heel-has to school. We have recess and I could get hurt! ( First off, the kid owns all flats and secondly, it was way too funny.. hi heels interpreted as heel-has)

Day 2 making it on the bus successfully!

That sums up our first day of school! Can't wait to hear yours!


Dorney Park

Fun in the Tub w/ Helena

Angela b-day bash - Happy B-day Angela!

North Carolina Cousins

So this summer we had the chance to stay a few days with the N.C. Crew! It was just like a regular BLT Reunion minus the beach house. We had some great meals, competitive games of whiffle ball, and lots of outdoor activities for the kids. Fun as always!

Chow Time

Chow Time continued

The Big Daddy's
Serious riding..
Going fishing for tadpoles... ring leader on the right!

Great times in the pool

Add Image
Jamie w/ Abric


Our favorite The Hyatt Regency on the Hudson! You've gotta check this place out if you're headed to NY. After going to NYC annually it has become a must stay! It is actually situated on the NJ side but has breathtaking views of NY without the price or hustle and bustle. Best of all, directly beside it is the PATH station which takes you to NYC.

View from our hotel

If you know anything about our family it is that our girls are singing, dancing, and dressing in costumes NON-STOP! This year, Michael and I took a leap of faith and hoped our money spent in NY would not be a waste.
The girls were so excited to see our hotel and how plush it was. As we prepared for the big show, Michael locked his wallet and such in the safe. One minute later, our little "techie" Isabel unlocks the safe and pulls out the wallet! This girl is not to be trust :P

Alexandra were amazed at the NYC lights. We quickly grab a bite to eat, find out JEN AND KEVIN ARE EXPECTING>> YAY, and then made a quick dash for The Little Mermaid on Broadway. Our kids could hardly wait. I had been brainwashing them for weeks watching the broadway previews on youtube and watching the Disney Movie. girls loved it!! As characters began filling the stage and special effects began, Isabel turned to me and said, " Mom, i'm crying because I like it so much." It was overwhelming and hopefully something the girls will never forget. We were so happy to taken them as this summer was the last summer showing. We're hoping to go yearly and next on the list are The Lion King and Mary Poppins!

Big Apple

Anxiously awaiting the show

A and I could not believe their eyes when they stepped into this 4 story store full of American Dolls and accesories.. every little girls dream and every Daddy's nightmare or atleast by the looks of Michael's face I would guess so. Don't go here if you don't plan on spending money.. we spent entirely way too much but atleast Alexandra finally has a doll that looks like her right... I could pry make one myself for 1/4 of the price!

Waiting in line at Central Park to ride the Merry-Go-Round

I think our family has rated this trip one of our most favorite vacations of all!

NY with Dan and Martha

So we decided to leave late in the day so the kids could sleep most of our trip to NY. Alexandra is obviously in a different class than our family. This is the sight we saw when glancing back. She made a make-shift sleep mask!

Our first stop was to meet our good old friends at Niagra Falls. I know that one typically gets wet when taking the boat tour but I didn't anticipate how wet we'd get when it poured on top of it!

Family photo in front of the Palmyra Temple
Isabel, Lydia, Alexandra, and Annabelle

Dan, Martha and Family in the Sacred GroveVisit to the Sacred Grove

Visiting the sites
What a cute pioneer she'd be eh?

Posing w/ the actors at the pageant. Isabel looks a little too happy!

Lake Ontario

Watkins Glen

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Hop Skip and Jump Away

Relaxing at the Sculpture Garden

The Mad Scientist
In front of the museums

Add ImageCan we say Night at the Museum?

Striking a pose

My favorite painter.. Monet!

Super excited at the Zoo

We have wanted to take the girls to D.C. for some time and finally managed to do so! We had one busy day where we took a few hours to visit a few of the art galleries, the sculpture garden, the Smithsonian, and even the Washington Zoo! This may seem super crazy to many of you but in fact, it worked out well. We spent 2-3 hours at each place and as the kids got sick of one sight we'd move onto a completely different one.

Alexandra's favorite part of our trip was the museums, Isabel's was the zoo, mine was losing my purse and having it turned in at the Smithsonian with all of my belongings, and Michael enjoyed it all!

We are so lucky to live so close to all of these wonderful, free places!

Some miscellaneous pictures..

A's new haircut and missing teeth

Girls can ride bikes in dresses?

Pool fun!